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Sensitive to financial limitations in a challenging economic climate, hotelinfo are able to vary their pricing model so that the service is not prohibitive or diluted due to budgetary constraints. Cost should never be an issue. Whether working on a project basis or a long term agreement, value and return on investment are a crucial requisite. This is balanced by excellent support and willingness to succeed.

On this basis they are able to offer a model, where their skills can be embraced for a fixed charge, transaction fee, percentage or a combination of the three. Value, savings and a true return on investment are all achievable, especially when the element of risk is shared between all, ensuring accountability and delivery throughout.

hotelinfo have even been known to share the cost of introducing new functionality and technology with their clients; so that the burden is not so great on them and in true spirit of a partnership, they share the investment and return. This goes a long way in demonstrating their confidence in their recommendations and implementations. To the best of their knowledge no other partner, provider or supplier extends such generous benefits to their clients or exudes such certainty in their working environment. Outsourcing can convey true value and savings.

Be it an independent overview and audit which accesses any aspect of your business highlighting good and bad, evaluating the current work place, its efficiencies and identifying areas for improvement; from food and beverage to accommodation, e commerce to marketing and presentation, liquor to leisure facilities, trends to P&L, functionality to systems and so much more.