… in the beginning

Born out of serendipitous necessity; a need was quickly identified to give voice and global visibility to un-branded hotels. hotelinfo enables B&B’s, hotels, apartments and resorts to cost effectively and efficiently compete with branded accommodation to drive incremental revenue and improve visibility.

The challenge is to accomplish this in line with budgetary constraints and by utilising existing on site resources and successfully combining these with hotelinfo’s experience, know how, technology and functionality. In this way operational costs can be reduced and their expertise leveraged to improve income and ultimately drive profit to the bottom line.

the practice

By sharing the responsibilities and working alongside their clients, hotelinfo is totally accountable and so confident in their proven effectiveness that their own service charges are directly linked to their productivity.
hotelinfo’s disciplines are completely adaptable to suit the audience. Be it introducing new technology and processes or utilising existing procedures and incumbent systems that can be improved on, hotelinfo embrace their clients with a passion and a delivery that ensures commitment and professionalism, that enriches their own environment and business policies.

By identifying limitations, highlighting restrictions, and adopting hotelinfo’s technology the route to a healthier sustainable future can be embraced. Outsourcing elements of business can realise true value and a multiplicity of benefits.

the booking

Reinforcing their commitment to independent and privately owned properties hotelinfo source and reserve accommodation for closed user groups, corporates, leisure travellers, and specialist sectors such as film, theatre, music industry etc. These type of bookings tend to require a more closer working relationship with the client as a bespoke offering is normally required to ensure expectations are exceeded.