Q&A with Rajesh Vora

About Me

How would you describe yourself in 15 words or less? The unfortunate result of my narrow waist and broad mind changing places.

How did you come to be involved in the travel and hospitality industry? Hotels are the family business and I grew up in and around hotels from an early age. I guess you’d say it’s “in the blood”

Favourite hotel and why excluding any you have worked in? St. Geran in Mauritius. Whilst the rooms (in those days) were nothing exceptional, the service that I experienced, even as a jaded old hotelier, was second to none and continually made me go “wow”.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years? With an even broader waist and even narrower mind!

Quick Fire

What colour is the new black? 50 shades of grey

Winter holiday – snow or sun? sun sun sun

Blackberry or I Phone? Really? iPhone every day of the week

Mac or Windows? Heart says Mac, head says Windows

City or rural life? City. Rural is fine for the weekend, city is for living.

Curry or steak? Well this depends…if it’s at home then curry, if it’s in a restaurant then steak every time.

Favourite Bond movie? Skyfall! Definitely the best ever.

Hero or villain? Hero

Elephant or tiger? Elephant (I have African heritage, and there are no tigers in Africa)

Technophobe or nerd? Nerd I’m afraid.

Dancer or wallflower? Dancer

Jazz or classical? Jazz

Early to bed or burn the candles at both end? Burn

Ideal breakfast? Smoked salmon, very soft scrambled eggs and buttered granary toast.

Passive aggressive or aggressive pacifist? No idea. Not really intelligent enough to understand the difference


Who or what has been your strongest influence in your life? My Dad

What is the most important lesson you have learnt? In the face of the strongest adversity. Dust yourself down, put a smile on your face, and don’t let the b*stards get you down.

What is the most embarrassing moment in your work life? Whilst staying at one of our hotels, I mistakenly walked out of the bedroom door rather than the bathroom door and realised I was standing in the corridor with the door to my room shut behind me. The walk of shame at 4am across the reception to ask concierge to escort me back to my room.

What keeps you awake at night? Mostly everything.

Where would you travel to and why? All over the Far East. It is a part of the world that I have not really had the chance to experience very much but which I find terribly beguiling.

What would your super power be? To fly

Which trait do you deplore most in others? Rudeness, especially to those they consider below their station.

What is your least appealing habit? Impatience

What is your guiltiest pleasure? Very expensive vintage port

Private dining for 6 plus yourself, who would you invite? Barack Obama, Jose Mourinho, Herbie Hancock, Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Boris Johnson

What should I have asked you? Next week’s lottery numbers