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hotelinfo provides a raft of diverse services to the hotel industry enabling them to enhance and improve their presence to their target audience driving incremental revenue, as well as directing and influencing booking decisions for corporates, leisure travellers and specialist sectors were attention to detail is critical.

Preferring to deal with privately owned hotels and small groups helps to fulfil this ethos of delivering excellent customer service were the guest experience is paramount.

Key areas include levelling the playing field by incorporating latest technology, maximising skill sets, stringently revenue managing, boosting sales activities and embracing digital marketing and social media, whilst engaging with both on and off line agencies. These skills are frequently utilised by management companies and administrators on an open agreement basis that satisfies their sensitive legal restraints.

They also offer first line support for various technology companies including PMS (property management systems), OTA’s (on line travel agencies), and contract hotels for various third party suppliers as well as handling rate negotiations and creating bespoke hotel programmes.

Their disciplines are completely adaptable to suit the audience. Be it introducing new technology and processes or utilising existing procedures and incumbent systems that can be improved on, or by ensuring they select the right hotel to suit the guests requirements, hotelinfo embrace their day to day business with passion, commitment and professionalism.